Hara Enterprises LLC, Ithaca, NY
Address: 409 N. Geneva St., Apt 2,
Ithaca, NY 14850-4111, USA
Tel (1)-607-272-3467
[Current Main Business]
Apartment Rental Business in
the City of Ithaca, New York.
Our Business
DOWNTOWN (Available August 2006)
409 N. Geneva St., (2 units: Apt 1 and Apt 2 total 6
bedrooms), Ithaca, NY
You need good amount of
patience to do business in
Ithaca and everywhere.
Would you like to view our rental
units?Please try the followings:
112-114 Ferris Place [Collegetown]
Rent available NOW!
409 N. Geneva Street [downtown]
Available August 1, 2006
COLLEGETOWN (Available from June 2005!)
112-114 Ferris Place (3 units, 13 bedrooms in
total), Ithaca, NY
619 N. Aurora Street [Fall Creek]
4BR and Studio Avail: May 1, 2005
716 Cliff Street [West Hill]
A Whole House for Rent: August 1, 2005
Would you like to check the
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Contact: Leasing Manager
Valeriya Hara
WESTHILL (Available from August 2005)
716 Cliff St, (whole house 4 bedrooms), Ithaca, NY
Hara Enterprises LLC
Contact: WebMaster: Tad Hara
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FALLCREEK (4BR unit and Studio unit available May 2005)
619 N. Aurora St (3 units, total of 7 bedrooms), Ithaca, NY
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[Brief Company History & Profile]
This is a small company in Ithaca, New York runned by our small family. While our business history goes back
to 1991, we have been very steady and conservative, by putting stability over growth.

Our company is NOT seeking "profit maximization" even though that is a generally accepted rule taught in
business management. As long as we can make both ends meet, we would rather try to offer slightly more value
to our clients either by offering affordable rent or subtle extra amenity.

We do not have full-time staff, so the service may not be as fast, but we do our best. Good news is due to our
lean management style, we can offer sensible rent to suit your personal needs.

We would be pleased to help you spend wonderful life in Ithaca, how long you wish it to be...
"Is this company real? Who is this?" Please see our business references...